Enhanced Primary Care Program

Chronic Disease Allied Health Services or Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) provides a maximum of 5 Medicare rebates per calendar year for people whom are considered to have a chronic medical condition. A chronic medical condition is one that has been or will be present for at least 6 months. The enhanced primary care plan rebates can be used in our clinic for services in Speech and Language Pathology, Psychology and Occupational Therapy.

Your GP will decide if you are eligible for these services and refer where appropriate. Your GP will register your plan through Medicare.

You will need to bring your referral to the clinic. You will then be able to claim a maximum of 5 rebated sessions per calendar year. You can choose to either claim your rebate in the clinic on the spot (receive the rebate back into a savings or cheque account) or by taking your receipt to Medicare (to receive your rebate back in cash). The Medicare rebate is currently $52.95 as of January 2012.

NOTE: You are still required to pay the full consultation fee. Once your payment has been taken, you will then receive your rebate of $52.95, in whichever way you decide (cash or back on card).